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Precision, Ethics and Professionalism
CSF specializes in translation, content creation, editing and proofreading, providing you with linguistic services that meet even the strictest requirements.

Testimonial from Simon Drolet

“CSF’s involvement and commitment have certainly delivered the full translation of our therapeutic programs for child victims of sexual abuse in the Outaouais region. Furthermore, it has also shown that everyone can give their best effort to help foster safer environments for our children.” Simon Drolet, CEO, Centre d’intervention en abus sexuels pour la famille (Ciasf)

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of various tools on the Web that can translate a message in a few seconds without any effort or external resources. The quality of this type of translation is well known—it is often quite poor. However, machine translation could become a key player in companies’ multilingual communications if they continue to adhere to the “cheaper, right now” principle.

We are hearing more and more stories of awkward messages that can strike a damaging blow to the reputation of the company or the person who published them, if not deleted in time. Remember that the written word endures, even and especially online. Human translation, in contrast with machine translation, provides time to step back and heed the advice from a professional outside the company.

Besides taking the success of your business to heart, the language professional is able to understand the original message and adapt it to the target language, taking important factors that can influence the interpretation of the message into account: context, culture, vocabulary, style, language level, and so on. A machine will never possess this sensitivity.

We all want everything to be “done quickly and well’’, but machine translation can only provide speed. A human translator will never reach this speed, and for good reason: thorough reflection takes time, but the assurance that your business will never lose face in public must take precedence. In short, keep machine translation for specific needs and aim for high-quality texts for your company’s image. Remember, you have worked hard to build your credibility, and poor quality in your communications could rapidly damage that established reputation. We all know that a poor impression is nigh impossible to reverse, despite your best efforts.